18 Amazing Simple Wood Outdoor Furniture That Will Bring Natural Atmosphere for Your Home

If you willing to present the natural atmosphere at your outdoor home’s space, this simple wood outdoor furniture design ideas can fill that need. The sample ideas of it will gives you an inspiration and options that can becomes your reference when you have a plan to buy or make it. If you have enough resources, money and time to make the furniture, that is a great thing because you can freely implement your imagination for it. But if you want to have the furniture as soon as possible, you can take one of the idea below and bring it to the nearest wood furniture store. Somehow diy outdoor furniture will be valuable and more fun since you can use your own idea. Along with that ideas, you can find a precious writing that related on how to refinish teak wood furniture properly.

Simple Wood Outdoor Furniture

Durable and long-lasting, teak wood furniture is ideal for being outdoors. While its natural oils and chemicals help protect it from damage, outdoor teak is not completely invincible. Thankfully, refinishing teak is a rather simple process that you can do yourself to help restore your furniture and keep it clean. You’ll need a few common tools, all which can easily be found at your local hardware and paint store(s). By carrying out the following steps, you can save your teak and have it looking brand new.

Start by cleaning

Begin by applying a non-acidic cleaner to a rag and clean the surface of the wood. Take note that there are cleaners specifically meant to refinish teak furniture, so be on the look-out. Such cleaners help to make sure that the teak doesn’t lose its natural oils. Continue by applying a paint stripper to the teak and allowing it to soak. Remove the stripper with a scraper that’s designed for use on wood, plastic most likely being your best option. As you refinish wood, remember to work gently and carefully in order to prevent damage.

Applying the finish

Wipe the furniture down again, this time with a fine steel wool that’s been applied with paint thinner. You’ll want to use caution with such chemicals, so make sure to wear rubber gloves. Working outside is also a good idea, if possible. After applying the thinner, sand down the teak, working in only one direction. Stain the wood with a wood stain applied with either a paint brush or rag. Give the stain at least five hours to dry and complete the process by applying a teak oil to seal in the finish. Although a successful and proper finish can last for quite some time, this entire process can all be repeated if need be. The finished project should sustain a vibrant golden color. Once finished, your teak will look as good as new.

Maintenance and restoration is crucial when attempting to upkeep your outdoor furniture. Refinishing teak furniture may seem like a daunting task, but it’s all quite simple.

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