18 Beautiful Covered Patio Ideas for Backyard That Will Amaze You

If you are looking for covered patio ideas for your backyard, you are in the right place. In this article you will explore valuable information and several design ideas for covered patio ideas that suitable for your backyard. Covered patio designs are quite important when making additions to any house. There are usually many factors involved, such as costs, materials, the look of the home and of course any place available for storage. Usually a covered patio is a great way to enable anyone to enjoy their patio during any weather conditions and it is relatively cheap to install as well.

Covered Patio Ideas for Backyard

First of all you need to decide whether you want a closed roof style or an open roof style for your covered patio. When it comes to price, an open roof style is cheaper, however it offers less protection from the outside elements. When it comes to better protection, the covered roof patio style is much better as it is able to store lots of furniture and all sorts of electrical appliances including the TV and radio simply because there is no real contact with direct sunlight, rain or snow.

Next comes the issue of materials. Different cover patio designs will need different construction materials. For example you can use vinyl, brick, wood, stone, metal or any combination of these. What you want to achieve is an improvement in the look of your patio, so choose your materials wisely.

There are a couple of covered patio types that are popular with many homeowners such as a gazebo or a pergola. Each has its own benefits and advantages over the other type.

The pergola patio is built from hardwood and it has a base plank which is fastened to the exterior of the house. The wood planks are placed over a frame in the style of a box. This make sure that elements do get through while there is still some protection from direct sunlight. The pergola patio is mostly used for offering extra shade on the patio or the deck.

The gazebo, on the other hand, is a closed roof type that allows the patio either to be attached to the house exterior or to be separately in the garden or yard. If you want to have an open roof style, you can have it as well with the gazebo.

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