18 Beautiful English Garden Ideas for Small Spaces That You Have to Consider

Every country has their own characteristic that shown their own identity. The characteristic is also became an inspiration for the garden design. So in this occasion, we would like to bring you to explore some of great English garden ideas for small spaces. If you the owner of small space garden, so this ideas will be valuable for your reference. The style of English garden can suit for everyone who has some passion on the country. Surely not only for people from English, but its depend on the passion. With many kinds of English garden that you can see below, you can pick which one that suit with your taste. Along with that, we also preset a great writing related with English garden design to enrich your reference, so you will be easier how to implement it as beautiful as you want.

English Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Reshaping your garden into an English garden design to match your dreams is an exciting though sometimes daunting task. Fortunately there is a rich tradition of gardening inspiration and experience to draw upon.

Making an English garden design is not too hard when you make it as expressive as the manner of your dress or the choice of upholstery and decoration in your living room.

It is time to abandon the universal Victorian recipe of immaculate paths shaven lawns and sharply cut flower beds, whether it suits the personality of the house or it’s occupants or not as the case may be.

Let your English garden design be a reflection instead of your own tastes and ideas, your own concepts of the practical and the beautiful.

Do you for example want a minimum maintenance garden that you can simply relax in, one that satisfies a pioneering need to grow your own food, or maybe a haven for wildlife?

Do you picture Japanese calm, Elizabethan formality, a riot of color that is admired by your neighbors, or perhaps a secret refuge to escape from the rest of the world.

A Country Style Cottage Garden

This concept is as English as muffins, a cottage style garden that is awash with a tangle of different flowers. Roses trailing over rustic poles, with Lupins, Delphiniums and hollyhocks. Fill any gaps with swathes of spring bulbs, where your plants will self seed and grow into a glorious mass of color year after year.

A Formal Garden is also very English.

Most people think of an English garden design as a formal garden with intricate geometric shapes, that seems like having extra rooms that extend from the house. These gardens are there to be seen and include lots of hard landscaping such as paths and outdoor garden statues.

A Natural Garden

Plant a rough hedge of hawthorn, hazel and beech to attract birds and small mammals and include a buddlia, evening primrose and thyme to attract butterflies and bees. If you have room include a pond to which will be ideal for frogs and other water loving creatures

Any of these concepts can be achieved in an English garden design and as you work on your garden and your plan comes to fruition, you will realize that it embodies the most important element of all – your personal style.

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