18 Elegant Landscape Edging Ideas That Will Make Your Yard More Slightly

Exploring these elegant landscape edging ideas for your landscaping’s complemetary, so your landscaping will have a clear border and will gives a clear effect. There are so many options for landscape edging ideas, you can choose the material that will be used such as plastic, stone, metal etc. The suitable material selection will be based on several thing like the landscaping’s theme and your taste. So first of all, you need to assess and estimate which material that will suit with your landscaping design. Moreover we will bring you a worth resource that will add your reference in order to build your garden or landscaping. So at the end, your goal will be achieved as your plan.

Landscape Edging Ideas

Most landscape edging is designed to serve a useful and practical purpose, such as banishing that pesky lawn grass from your landscape beds. But another very important function served by landscape edging is primarily aesthetic. Decorative landscape edging plays a vital role in the enjoyment of your garden, and adds value to your property as well. Decorative edging can provide many of the same benefits as the more mundane variety, but it does its job with a lot more style and grace.

Cast-Iron Edging

Gardeners both great and humble from all over the world have known the secrets of using cast iron edging for many centuries. In the modern world, it lends your garden a touch of Old-World charm and authenticity, and revisits the days when blacksmiths produced cast iron fences in coal-fired foundries.

Once powder coated, cast iron is beautiful, strong and durable. It is capable of lasting a lifetime. In fact, it might even last longer than you will! There are so many beautiful and interesting cast-iron styles to choose from. Take a look at Canterbury-style overlapping peak designs from the Victorian era, or check out the modern elegance of an Art Deco design.

Cast-iron edging can usually be assembled as a series of individual sections. You simply press them into the ground, since they are constructed with spiked support posts that are easily pressed or pounded into place. It’s hard to think of any other kind of landscape edging that can provide so much elegance and authority with so little effort.

Willow Branches

Natural willow branches for garden edging are used widely in European gardens. It’s an ideal choice for those folks wishing to re-create a garden border that recalls the style and charm of the authentic willow fences found in English gardens. Willow is a beautiful and graceful material that provides excellent border definition – whether it’s lining the walkway or accenting a bed of flowers. Being a natural wood, it also blends effortlessly into the design of your garden.

Garden Flowers

One of the simplest garden edging ideas, often overlooked, is to use beautiful dwarf flowers and plants to form living landscape edging. Is there anything more natural than seeing mounds of flowering Rocky Mountain Zinnia or Alyssum encircling your landscape beds? Other good varieties of flowers to use for edging include: Candy Tuft, Catspaw, Artemisia, or Veronica. Really, it’s possible to use any dwarf species that grows in mounds.

Perhaps these few garden edging ideas will motivate you to get out there and give those garden beds a bit of a makeover. Happy gardening!

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