18 Fantastic Small Garden Arbours That Will Beautify Your Garden

Adding an accessories for your small garden will be a great ideas. There are several options to be chosen in order to make your small garden more beautiful. One of the ideas is adding garden arbours for your yard. In this article, you can find some great ideas related with small garden arbours. You can exploring deeper about the ideas from the pictures below and get some valuable knowledge for your references. Surely the idea to add an arbours with not suitable for all garden’s theme, but at least you can assess is your garden will be more beautiful with the arbours or not. So with this article, we believe you will save your time searching the reference for small garden arbours that will suit with your need.

Small Garden Arbours

As the name would suggest, summerhouses are the perfect garden feature for the sunny season; they provide shade for relaxing on warm afternoons or protection from an early evening breeze. Summerhouses come in many different designs. Traditional wooden designs fit well in any garden because of their natural finish which makes them a very popular choice. Recently however, contemporary designs have become fashionable. Many such designs embrace unusual shapes such as octagons or bright summery colors including yellows, greens and blues. These summerhouses make great features while still offering all the practicalities of having an extra, separate room from the house. Some might think their garden is too small for a summerhouse but there is a large range of sizes available and corner designs can be tucked away. Furthermore, even in a small garden, a summerhouse can take center stage without being imposing because most have wide double doors, which open out into the garden making it accessible and inviting.

Summer Structures

There are many garden structures that particularly lend themselves to summer. Pergolas can section off areas in the garden where tables or seating can be placed or they can shade a path or walkway. Elaborately designed structures such as oriental pergodas or domed pergolas can really add to the overall look of a garden as well by giving the garden a design theme. Gazebos, like pergolas, are ideal to create shaded areas and larger designs include or can fit a table. This makes them the perfect outdoor setting for a lunch with friends or neighbors. Lastly, trellising looks particularly attractive in summer. The gaps between the beams mean that the summer breeze can still drift through the garden and the garden still looks spacious. Once you’ve got some flowering plants growing over it, it will definitely feel like summer.


Sitting outside in the garden is one of the joys of summer. Whether you’re entertaining, getting stuck into a good book or just relaxing in the sunshine, having attractive and comfortable seating is important. For barbeques or other social gatherings, benches and picnic bench style furniture can be a good way to provide ample seating for everyone. Otherwise, for general everyday use, Arbours provide both practical and stylish seating. Choosing an arbour can be difficult as there are thousands of creative designs. From thatched roof arbours, colored arbours and arbours with trellising to corner arbours and arbours with swing seats, we really are spoiled for choice.

A good British summer, even if short-lived, is always beautiful so being able to enjoy it in the garden is an added bonus. Installing some summery garden features such as those listed above is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your garden all through summer.

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