18 Wonderful Deck Designs With Hot Tub and Fire Pit

Exploring these wonderful deck designs with hot tub and fire pit that can make your home more comfort. Enjoying your life will be wonderful and everybody’s dream. Relaxing at your own home will be so much pleasure. You will need a decent hot tubs deck plan in order to build the best one. And along with that you will need to know how to build a deck around a hot tub to perfect your yard. So exploring these wonderful deck designs with hot tub and fire pit to get more inspiration. Thus, you will keep your eyes to read a valuable content to enrich your reference.

Deck Designs With Hot Tub and Fire Pit

Decks are popular exterior renovations. They can be a great place to spend the summer afternoons in your backyard or they can make a perfect addition around any type of swimming pool. When designing your deck, the professionals suggest designing the deck as you would a room in your home. You can even enclose the deck for insect control as well as make the room usable throughout the different seasons.

When you design your deck there are several considerations to make. The first is that you consider the placement of the deck very carefully. You don’t want the railing of your deck to end in the middle of a window. Keep the perimeter of the deck away from your windows by about two feet. This keeps you from looking out the window at a rail. You also need to consider the doorway. Will there be a step down to the deck or will it be flush with the door? Ideally, the deck should be flush with the doorway. However, if you live in an area where there is a lot of snow, you may want a couple of steps to keep the snow from building up in front of your door. There may also be other obstacles to deal with including water spigots, dryer vents, windows below the deck, etc. In most cases you will need to build the deck lower than these areas.

The next consideration to make is your site or plot plan. When you purchased your home, you should have been supplied with a copy of your site or plot in the contract. If you do not have this, the local zoning department will have a copy on file. This plan will show you easement lines or setbacks that you might have to work with. Your local building department will also help you apply for the permit to build.

An easy way to determine the size of deck that you want to build is to take your water hose and lay it out on the ground. This can help you visually see how much room the deck will take up in your yard. The average deck is about 12-18% of the square footage of the home. Most people want their decks for outdoor dining and entertainment. You can also screen in part or all of the deck. Screened in decks are popular to aid in insect control, especially disease carrying mosquitoes. Built in hot tubs or spas are also popular and you will need to consider these when designing the size of your deck. You can even use another water hose or rope to rope off the exact size of the hot tub you are considering installing.

Privacy may also be an issue. If you have an open backyard or chain-link fence, you may also need to consider the cost of adding a private fence. You can also build an arbor over the top and sides of the deck. Grow climbing vines that will create a natural wall and privacy on a portion of the deck. This is a great way to add privacy if you can’t afford to build a new fence or if you’re neighborhood doesn’t allow fences.

Decks are incredibly versatile and many people are adding fire pits, fireplaces, cooking stations, built-in trashcans and coolers. They are a great addition to any home and can provide that unique entertaining space you have been looking for.

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