18 Wonderful Pond Ideas With Decking That Will Improve Your Home

Having a pond on your home yard will be a great. There are so many pond ideas that you can find around the market. Choosing a pond ideas with decking also is great alternative to be built. So we will bring you several ideas about pond with decking designs. In this post below you will have several options of pond ideas with decking that will ease you to decide which one is the best and suitable with your taste and your yard. Another great resource is also provided below for you additional reference which will gives you another point of you so you can maximize everything you have including the budget for building the pond.

Pond Ideas With Decking

So you want to add a pond to your backyard?  You may or may not know that you don’t have to have a large yard to add a pond.  There are many pond ideas for all sized yards.  No matter which of the many pond ideas you choose there are certain guidelines and maintenance issues you must first consider before starting excavation.

Where should I put my backyard pond?

Placing a pond is not rocket science but there are a few things you need to consider before deciding on a location.  Ponds are one of the best water features because they can be enjoyed by people and wildlife.  You want to place your pond near a deck or a patio, so you can benefit from its activity, beauty and sound.  Locate it near an electrical source so lighting, pumps and other equipment can be powered.  There are small stand alone solar panels that can be added if this is an issue.  Shade can be a good thing for backyard ponds but make sure it does receive some sunlight.  Any plant or animal life you have in your pond will grow better if there is a good source of sunlight.  Also, trees can add a lot of maintenance to your pond if they are directly above.  Leaves will eventually pile up and have to be cleaned out to sustain life in your pond.

When Should I Install My Pond?

Ponds can be added any time the ground is not frozen, however during cold months plant life will die or not take off like it should.  The best time to start your pond idea is early spring.  This will be more enjoyable weather for you, and your pond will have all spring summer and fall to “take root” and be adopted into the natural surroundings.

What Pond Supplies do I need?

You will need a way to keep water from seeping out of your pond.  This can be done with a pond liner, which is a flexible plastic or rubber sheet that can be laid out on the bottom of your future pond or a pond tub which is a preformed rigid plastic liner.  Plastic liners are the least expensive option, however the pond tubs can save time.  If you are adding a small pond to a small yard, wooden half barrels, feed troughs, or other tubs (even bathtubs) can be used as an above ground solution.  A pond pump is essential to sustaining clean water and fish, amphibians and plant life.

Are there specific dimensions?

Yes.  Most pond owners wish they has constructed a larger or deeper pond.  The minimum depth to sustain fish life is 18 inches, but fish will survive better if they can go deeper during hot or cold months.  The recommended minimum is 2 – 3 feet.  Shallow areas rocks or logs that stick out of the water are good for frogs, turtles and birds.

What kind of maintenance is involved?

Ponds require relatively little maintenance if the ecosystem is in balance.  Pumps, fountains and plants aerate the water to sustain life.  Scavengers such as fish, aquatic snails, and tadpoles will keep your pond free of algae and insects.

Now that you have all the proper information your pond project will go much smoother and have a better success rate!  Get creative and have fun with your pond ideas.

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