8 Fun and Easy DIY Backyard Ideas That Will Amaze You

DIY backyard ideas allow you to transform the look and function of your property. One of the joys of owning a home is having a backyard that you can do anything with. There are so many possibilities. You can add a patio, a garden bed, or design an outdoor grilling area, to name a few common options.

Whether you are focusing on landscaping, gardening, decoration, or decking, coming up with ways to renovate your backyard can be as enjoyable as the final result. While making plans a problem tends to arise – the cost of renovating your backyard and incorporating all of your ideas.

DIY Backyard Ideas

DIY Backyard Ideas

If you would like to do something different with your backyard, but do not have the money for a large-scale renovation, consider using some of these fun and easy DIY backyard ideas.

Upcycled Outdoor Lanterns

Upcycled Outdoor Lanterns

#1 – Upcycled Outdoor Lanterns

Illuminate your backyard with a group of outdoor lanterns made from upcycled materials. You can convert old wine bottles, cans, and mason jars into lanterns, using a minimal amount of materials.

For the wine bottle lanterns, you will need 1 Tiki torch wick refill, some Tiki torch citronella lamp oil, and 1 metal washer that will fit over the mouth of the bottle, for each wine bottle that you convert into a lantern. Feed the wick through the washer. Fill the wine bottle part way with lamp oil. Place the wick inside the bottle and light.

Wood Fence Decoration

Wood Fence Decoration

#2 – Decorate Your Wood Fence

A long wood fence can help provide privacy, but it can also be a bit of an eye sore. For more color and decoration for your wood fence – add marbles. This is one of the easiest DIY backyard ideas. Purchase a selection of glass marbles. You want marbles that will be able to reflect sunlight, so avoid plastic.

Drill a series of random holes in your wood fence (make sure it is your fence and not your neighbors). Straight with a small hole and work up in size until you can get a snug fit with your marbles. Scatter your holes and try to keep them spread out. Add your marbles and then wait for the sun to hit them.

Pine Cone for BeddingPine Cone

#3 – Use Pine Cones for Plant Bedding

Not all DIY backyard ideas cost money. This next idea is zero cost, but requires a bit of work. If you have ever planted a bush, shrub, or flowers, only to have them trampled by kids, pets, or the car, try this idea. Collect pine cones and use them for plant bedding.

Collect as many pine cones as you can, do not discriminate. Spread them around the base of your plant. This will keep pets and people from walking through your flower bed and can help with hydration and soil nutrition.

Cinder Block Bench

Cinder Block Bench

#4 – Cinder Block Bench

A list of DIY backyard ideas is not complete without the addition of outdoor seating. This easy to make cinderblock bench does not require any experience with woodworking or furniture design. You will need 12 cinder blocks and 4 lengths of 4×4’s.

Decide how wide you want your seating area, in inches. Add 24 inches to this number to get the length of the 4×4’s. Arrange the cinder blocks, with 6 on one side and 6 on the other. For optimal support and security, arrange 4 cinder blocks in a row, with 2 cinder blocks on top, for each side of the bench.

The four wood pieces slide through the top 4 holes of the top row of cinder blocks. Place a seat cushion over the wood or leave bare.

Chandelier Bird Feeder

Chandelier Bird Feeder

#5 – Make Your Own Chandelier Bird Feeder

There are hundreds of DIY backyard ideas for making bird feeders, but this one is unique. Instead of converting an old box, container, or appliance into a bird feeder, use an old chandelier. Remove all of the wiring and glass from the chandelier. When you are done, you should just have the base, with a series of shallow bowls where the lights used to go.

Hang the chandelier from your back porch or from a pole. Fill each of the light fixtures with bird feed and then wait and watch as birds flock to this multi-bird feeder. If the empty light fixtures are not a suitable shape, use super glue to attach tea saucers or shallow dishes.

DIY outdoor toolbox

DIY Outdoor Toolbox

#6 – DIY Outdoor Toolbox

Instead of bringing out your gardening shears, gloves, and other small tools, each time you tend your garden, make a DIY outdoor toolbox. All you need is an old mailbox. Place the mailbox near your garden. You could even leave it on its post – place the mailbox by your garden bed for easy access to all of your gardening tools.

Backyard Fence Table

Backyard Fence Table

#7 – Backyard Fence Table

If you are constantly running out of space for your grilling gear, when cooking outside, build your own backyard fence table. In addition to using it when cooking, you can use it to report plants, and perform other lightweight tasks.

Along the back of your wood fence, you will attach a board, approximately 2 feet wide and however long you wish to make it. One edge of the board will set on the middle ledge on the back of your wood fence. Along the opposite edge of the board, at least two supports will come down and attach to the bottom ledge of your wood fence.

Essentially, you are building a large shelve off of your back fence. It should be sturdy enough to support the weight of whatever task you are working on, but may not support the weight of a person – so let your children know that it is not for playing or sitting.

DIY Rope SwingDIY Rope Swing

#8 – DIY Rope Swing

The final entry in this list of DIY backyard ideas is an easy to make rope swing. All you need is a drill, some rope, and a piece of wood. It is up to you what you use for the seat, but a circular shape, about two feet in diameter, is the standard size and shape.

Before you make your rope swing, decide where it will be attached. If you are attaching to a tree, ensure that the branch is sturdy enough to support the weight of whoever uses the rope swing. When purchasing the rope, the length will depend on the height of the branch or structure that you are attaching the rope swing to.

To start making your rope swing, attach the rope to a branch, playground structure, or other metal beam. Wrap the rope around the support and use a slip knot to secure it. At the other end of the rope, pass the rope through a circular hole in the center of your seat. Tie a knot below the seat, at whichever height you choose. Leave a foot of rope below the knot. You now have your own DIY rope swing.

Save Money with DIY Backyard Ideas

Landscaping and renovating your backyard does not have to cost a fortune. Instead of rushing out and hiring a landscape architect or heading over to your local home improvement store, take the time to plan out your renovations. To save money, while landscaping your backyard, use some of the DIY backyard ideas mentioned above.

These DIY backyard ideas, along with a bit of hard work and planning, will allow you to completely alter the appearance of your backyard at little or no cost.