Bring Depth To Your Garden By The Addition Of Pond Landscapes

Pond Landscapes

Many gardeners enjoy a water feature as a part of their garden and pond landscapes will bring added interest both in itself, as a water feature, but also in the added life it brings to your garden. Ponds come in many shapes and sizes, and in many different materials; from plastic to concrete and much in between; whether you wish to have a small decorative water feature with, perhaps a few colourful fish, or whether you intend to introduce something larger which might accommodate some wildfowl, you will enjoy the additional colour and interest this brings to your garden and the focal point it will become.

A small back yard pond is often a part of a patio or in an area which can be easily viewed from a restful sitting place in the garden; some are as small as a few feet wide, others far larger. In either case they will provide visual interest and often new wildlife. Water features of any kind will often attract the attention of local wild life, whether it is insects, birds, frogs and fish or plant life; the degree to which you allow nature to take its course is entirely up to you. If the pod is close to the house and electricity is available then you can add lighting and water pumps and filters; even a small waterfall or stream. In the evenings subtle lighting will give it a new almost dreamlike quality.

The texture and reflective properties of water, along with the attention drawing qualities of its container and surrounding life, provide a restful scene much appreciated from the comfort of a garden chair. The sound of water trickling from a fountain, waterfall or artificial stream can have an extremely relaxing effect and subtle organic lighting in the evenings will draw you away from the television and into your garden.

Garden ponds can be as varied as the gardeners who create them, as such they are often individual affairs which reflect the gardener as much as the garden. Water features, in addition to their decorative attributes, bring a meditative element with them: a pond landscape brings depth to a garden, by the addition of water.