Drought Resistant Landscaping Tips

Homeowners are troubled with some seasons coming, and one of the most significant one is when the day becomes intensely hot every single day. Leading to great drought, the summer will not be very nice for most things in the house especially for the landscape. Therefore, drought resistant landscaping ideas will be quite needed in such case. Basically it is very tricky to find a control the landscape as it is natural force that cannot be modified easily. However, it is worth noting that many real beautiful photos are taken in drought. With green gleaming grass and clear sky, it is the best way to enjoy summer without realizing that the temperature is going up.

Gallery of Drought Resistant Landscaping

It is essential to notice that there are several things that should be concerned for this special season. Without proper preparation, it is easy to ruin every plant that has been organized and grown surrounding the area. To create proper drought resistant landscaping, it is essential to know several plants and flowers that can grow without frequent water. One set of classic example is cactus. This plant really can grow without excessive water, and it may be die because too much of it. Though they are not as beautiful as rose, it actually shines in summer. The green color from it will not disappear quickly even in summer. Regardless of its great ability, cactus should not be left unattended. It may need watering after some time especially in extreme drought to keep its fresh green.

Cactus is one nice plant to have. However, it is definitely not enough for making beautiful garden. Fortunately there is a flower known as Lewisia Cotyledon. With its yellowish, reddish, and purplish combination in its crown, this flower is absolutely amazing choice for hot summer. It creates nice balance in the landscape by providing contraceptive and vibrant impression. This flower is really a symbol for life in hot season. This flower is great for complementing drought resistant landscaping, yet it is important to note that it requires excellent drainage. Letting it too wet means killing this beautiful flower.

After concerning plants and flowers for drought resistant landscaping, it is better to turn into basic composition of lawn: grasses. In other season, they are quite nice as they create nice and natural carpet. However, they could be disastrous in summer. A yellow-brownish grass is definitely not what is intended by homeowners. It is better to consider grass with slender yellow blades native of Mexico known as Veldt grass. Its white to yellow color is natural and alive. It is definitely worthy selection when it comes to grass for summer landscape.

So far we have discussed three main things to consider when drought strikes our landscape property. There is one important tip to know more. It is basically watering frequency and volume. Every plant and flower is created differently. Each of them has different needs, and the owner should know how to treat them well especially for drought resistant landscaping. That way, the drought should not be a big obstacle to keep all of hard-growing plants and flowers gone away.