Glass Dining Table Set for Futuristic House

Some people have their preference related to home treatment. Some wants to have classic interior while the other loves futuristic one. For those who love futuristic interior, it is better to take a look at glass dining table set. As the name suggests, the furniture will be embellished with glass somewhere which will be explained soon. Before going further, it is worth to note that glass is dependable material for making house interior appealing. It is because of sparkling and gleaming impressions coming from the glass itself. In addition, glass is also reflective, making it romantic if displayed under colored light.

Gallery of Glass Dining Table Set

There will be 3 sets that may be considered before choosing one of them to be furniture inside the room. The first is called double-edged L. it is called that way because of its legs are similar to letter L, and they are mirrored each other. This glass dining table set has finely-grained wooden legs which are quite awesome and futuristic. It is difficult to resist the temptation to admire this table especially if this table is completed with matched white-cushioned arm less chair. The glass table top is designed without single embellishment, yet imbued with smooth round corners. The thick glass for table top is solidly attached to the legs, and it makes the table nicely constructed for storing some meals.

Previously we have discussed nice table with wooden legs. Now it is time for new model with metal legs. The metal legs in four corners are designed quite slim and they really seem fragile. However, once touching it, it is recognized that the construction is absolutely strong and solid. Silvery legs in four corners are then followed by the chairs. Chairs having similar-looking legs make illusion of floating glass dining table set. It is definitely awesome idea for creating nice impression especially to guests and friends. For the chairs, an arch backing extended few inches to bottom create tall and unique appearance, and it really makes the design worthy to be considered.

The last model that is worth to be considered is named as cute round dining table. This kind of table has perfect round glass with wooden padding surrounding it. It is considered cute as it can be used for 4 or 5 persons only. Due to its small nature, this table comes in pedestal support. Having one supporting leg seems risky especially for glass dining table set. However, its weight distribution has been governed quite well through beams connected in several edges underneath the table. Coming in set, the chairs also have similar characteristic except they have four legs. There is also glass used in the chairs, and it is in the backing. There is window-like structure for making the chair match to the table.

Those are all about glass dining table set that is recommended. There are definitely still many selections that can be picked. However, too many options will be confusing, and it is definitely wasted time. Those three table sets also can be customized depending on need by finding furniture that carries similar characteristic in three different models mentioned.