Ideas for Balcony Decoration

Would you not like crackers decorated balcony can be comforting, cozy place amid great greenery and glittering sunset? Behold, and lo, this is not just an imagination, as this can be your own balcony. Not many of us are pretty fantastic when it comes to decorating our balcony, in fact most of us treat our balcony as a store room by removing all of the everyday utility. Here are some incredible ideas to transform your balcony into a bleak pleasant stay.

Ideas for Balcony Decoration

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# 1 Check your balcony: Is your balcony too small? What is the shape of your balcony? Features such as size, shape, and floor area ratio covered balcony you have set before you plan to use it. In case you are too small balcony, plans to repair parts on a limited basis. Likewise, the amount of things to be placed on a small balcony can be limited to only two or three.

# 2 Ponder over your balcony style: Make a list of all the themes you may be able to convert your balcony. Referring to various online sites to get an idea of ​​the theme of the apartment. Based on the selected theme, you can choose furniture, accessories, flora and other objects to be placed on the balcony. However, if you can customize your own theme as per your convenience, try incorporating space for barbeques, a comfy bed or perhaps an elegant entertainment space. At the same time, if you live in a rental space, get to know the do’s and dont‘s balcony decoration of your landlord.

Gallery of Ideas for Balcony Decoration

# 3 Planning an out-and-out: Even before you decide to redesign your balcony, consider what impact it will have on your balcony decorating your neighbors, you also potted plants and foliage thick dripping on your balcony may be infested with insects may‘m really a concern to them. Also moisture from watering plants often you might rile them too.

# 4 Create your own kitchen garden balcony: Who says that the balcony can not be converted to a small vegetable garden? Although it may seem strange, you can increase your green by having flower beds, vegetable garden or herb garden on the balcony. Growing a mix of perennials, herbs and seasonal delights right middle seating arrangement in the balcony. To grow larger plants on your balcony garden techniques you can follow to secure your building terraces as well as your plants. However, remember to place plants that require a sufficient amount of sunlight on the stage. Be sure to secure your plants to a fence or other solid surface so as to avoid them crashing into your neighbor’s balcony or on the road.

# 5 The trendy furniture: If you want to make your balcony space to entertain, barbeque or bedroom, took a pair of wicker chairs and a small coffee table. If your balcony is wide enough, you can put a weather proof sofa, hammock or cot to sit back and enjoy nature. Adding to the charm of the balcony by installing a bird feeder will attract more birds and make your balcony a heavenly dwelling place. Avoid putting too many things on your balcony and make sure that the furniture and container plants suitable or most trendy colors. If you prefer to keep your neighbors peeking from your balcony, you can cover the open side of the balcony with colorful fabrics / weather proof blinds that can blend well with the walls and floors.

# 6 Apt balcony lighting: Adding proper lighting on your balcony gives you a thematic look you want. Look for electrical outlets on balconies or add an extension if you do not have any. Do not install lights instead of installing expensive and low wattage, warm colored balls to illuminate specific areas or create your own customized lamp which can hang from the ceiling of your balcony. In addition to the lights, you can add colorful Christmas lights on plants / fences, or just decorate a small balcony with garden lamp or light adjustable wall. However, if there is no electricity available on your balcony, you can relieve your balcony with scented candles, do not forget to put them before you leave your balcony.

# 7 Paint the walls of the balcony: balcony of your walls can be formed in many ways mixing with the theme. If you have placed a diverse plants on the balcony, paint the walls the same color or have the same color of the wall paper. To make your balcony look more spacious and bright, you can paint the walls with a lighter color with a dash of bright color here and there to match with furniture and decoration.

# 8 Enliven floor: Why leave your balcony floor and uneven looking destroyed good middle decorate the room? Give your balcony sophisticated look by installing a wooden floor, which will also be easy to maintain. You can also opt for stone flooring, rubber flooring, plastic flooring or just cover the most used recreation area with solid carpeting. Having the right floor coverings not only make your balcony apartment space, but also gives a chic face.

Personalize your balcony # 9: Add the finishing touch to your balcony with the release of your creative skills and make the space more personal and more yourself. Hanging pictures or family memories along with calendars, wall art and other equipment needed in the balcony. But make sure that all of this is weather and water proof. In case you have a balcony hammock installed, mounted bookshelf on the wall to keep the volume of your favorites.