Metal Outdoor Furniture

Metal Outdoor Furniture
Metal outdoor furniture is made up of stainless steel, aluminum or wrought iron. Metal furniture is long lasting and durable. Nowadays, most of the metal furniture has a rust-resistant coating to protect your furniture against the damages caused by the weather conditions. Normally aluminum is used to construct metal furniture. It can be used as poolside furniture to make comfortable collapsible chairs and lounge chairs. They can be easily moved from one place to another, as it is lightweight.

Wrought iron is also another type of metal outdoor furniture. As compared to aluminum metal furniture, this is heavier. If you live in an area where the weather conditions is usually windy than it would be smart to purchase the wrought iron furniture.  There are many designs offered by the metal furniture right from the classic look and old fashioned to the modern metal furniture. Metal furniture is available in many colors but the most popular color is white and black.

There are basically four ways to construct metal outdoor furniture as extrusion, casting and forging or welding:

* In extrusion method, the melted metal is forced through long pipes, which forms long narrow tubes of metal of solid.
* In casting, the molten metal is poured into a specific form of mold. When the metal becomes solid then it is removed from the mold. The pieces of the cast are mostly solid.
* Forging is a process in which a metal is heated and hammered into a shape, which is known as “wrought” metal. It makes use of pipes and many other solid pieces of the metal by joining them together with the help of bolting or welding.

Iron is mostly used in making outdoor metal furniture. Some of the features of aluminum are:

* It is not the best choice.
* It needs lot of maintenance as it as a chemical element that is malleable and can easily rust.
* Nowadays, the modern iron outdoor furniture has a rust-resistance coating that avoids scratching, chipping and corrosion.
* If you are planning to buy iron furniture than make, sure it has a rust proof finish.
* There are many finishes or coating available in the market such as powder coating, primer or paint coating and galvanizing coating.
* Most of the iron furniture is made of wrought iron.

Here are some of the tips that will help you to purchase suitable metal outdoor furniture:

* Always take into consideration the maintenance of the furniture. It is necessary to paint steel and wrought iron furniture to avoid rusting.
* Sit on the furniture to check its comfort level and check whether the armrests match the height of the table.
* A table, which is too high or low, cannot be relaxing.
* Check if there are no sharp or unfinished edges on the metal furniture.
* While purchasing it is important to check whether the welded joints on the furniture are properly done.
* Welds have to be ground smooth and coated properly to match the rest of the piece.

For outdoor living spaces, metal outdoor furniture is a great choice. Note: you have to take care of the metal furniture properly, though.