Shade Landscaping For Greater Variety in Your Garden

Shade Landscaping

Different parts of a garden may possess entirely different conditions, shade landscaping takes advantage of those areas which have light restricted in some way. The sunlight in a garden may be restricted by artificial barriers such as the wall of a house or garden wall, or natural obstacles such as trees and foliage; light barriers may have been put up with the express purpose of creating shade or else a shaded are may be the outcome of an entirely different need. In all cases there are plants which thrive or suffer from these conditions and the wise gardener will research the plant choices available before planning, designing and purchasing.

There is not just one kind of shade, nor of shaded area. There is the area which is shaded during the morning, but catches the sun in the afternoon; and there is the area which sees the morning sun but not the afternoon. Then there is the shade created by overhead foliage which might keep an area without direct sun or perhaps under a perpetual mottled light; the favoured situation for fuchsias, for example. The shade areas are often categorised as: deep shade, part shade and dappled shade areas. In all cases there are plants available to choose from, selections to be made. In gardens where no shade or little shade is available the planting of trees, shrubs and the erecting of well placed barriers can create these spots to allow a variety of plant to thrive in your garden. In particularly hot environments a perpetually shaded area planted with rhododendrons can be a delightful retreat and may invite a seat to be placed there too.

Shade areas are relatively easy to maintain parts of your garden too. Typically, plants that enjoy shade do not require a lot of water; understanding your plants requirements is, as always, the main consideration. A plant which enjoys one kind of shade will not, necessarily enjoy another kind; although some are more adaptable than others. Those plants which enjoy strong sunlight are least likely to endure shade; similarly, those plants which enjoy deep shade will not endure much direct sunlight. Shade landscaping adds a greater variety to the plant life of your garden and might even provide some welcome comfort for an overheated gardener.

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