The Issues To Consider When Pool Landscaping In Your Garden

Pool Landscaping

When pool landscaping there are a number of issues you will need to consider in addition to visual impact. A pool needs to look beautiful, and will often do so with little additional consideration above where to put it, but it requires the landscape designer to place it so that it fits its environment and doesn’t look like its been dropped into place indiscriminately; furthermore the landscape designer must address other elements such as safety and privacy within their plans and design.

Plants can serve to integrate a pool into a garden. Their shapes contrast the more rigid lines of a pool and break up the more uniform lines and shapes of the pool. They soften the surfaces overall and bring the garden to the pool, rather than allow the pool merely to enter the garden. From the pool user’s point of view it can create a far more relaxed environment and give even the pools manufactured and watery interior a sense of being integrated and natural.

It is not, of course, necessary to insist upon waterside plants since a pool is unlikely to greatly affect the water levels in the local area as a natural water hole would; so the first consideration might be to choose plants which require little in the way of maintenance, little pruning and are not likely to drop many leaves or fruit into the pool thereby creating greater pool maintenance instead.

For safety reasons an area of decking or concrete will often surround a pool, providing a solid and non slip surface for bathers; this might encourage the use of potted plants or enclosed plant beds near the pool so that the possibility of wet earth either on the poolside or in the pool can be minimised. Trees will often be grown close to a pool for their decorative effect but also for the shade they provide; both from the sun and as a means for providing privacy to bathers in and out of the pool. Shrubs, bushes and low fences might be used in similar ways.

Properly attending to your pool landscaping needs will ensure you end up with a relaxing and safe environment which will be as nice to look at as to be in and look out from.

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