These 18 Amazing Bamboo Fence Styles Will Blown Your Mind

If you already checked our previous article about unique bamboo fence design ideas that can improve the natural atmosphere of your home before, in this article, we are gonna ease your way to find a suitable bamboo fence styles that can fulfill your need. So you can explore bamboo fence styles ideas below and align it with your design. Along with that, you will find a valuable reference that will help you to know more about how bamboo fencing can be a solution for your backyard in order to make the place more relaxing place and present the comfort. Hopefully all the bamboo fence styles ideas below can help you out to find the best one.

Bamboo Fence Styles

Bamboo fencing can turn a drab backyard into a relaxing space that brings to mind the laid back feel of a tropical resort or private getaway. Or, depending on the style of fencing you choose, you can go for a more East Asian look. The flat planes of Chinese and Japanese bamboo fencing gives off a zen-like calm. But bamboo fencing has been gaining popularity for more than just its aesthetic appeal. Bamboo is also an eco-friendly alternative to using typical hardwood materials, which often come at the expense of deforestation and the endangerment of certain habitats. Bamboo, on the other hand, is one of the most easily renewable resources we have.

Styles of Bamboo Fences

The style of bamboo fencing you choose for your yard depends entirely on what look you want to go for. But regardless of the style, most commercial fencing is going to come in rolls or panels. These are commonly made of 1″-diameter bamboo poles or 1/2″-diameter bamboo canes. These are usually held together by heavy-duty steel wire.

Woven bamboo is another option. The canes are smaller and held together in bundles. Panels of woven bamboo tend to look smoother and can make for a more modern, yet still natural look. Panels and rolls also come in the split bamboo style. Split bamboo rolls and panels are made out with the outer surface of the bamboo shoots and canes and tied together with galvanized wire.

As for durability, fencing made with poles and canes can last about 20 years. Woven and split bamboo fencing usually lasts for about 10 years.

Installing bamboo atop existing fencing

One installation solution for bamboo fencing is to install the bamboo roll or panel fencing atop of your already-existing fence. This can be done easiest and most successfully if you have either a chain link or a flat wooden board fence. For the chain link fence, simply wrap the bamboo roll around it, attaching it to the chain-link with heavy-duty steel wire at regular intervals. For the flat wooden board fence, use woven or split bamboo and attach with stainless steel staples.

Stand-alone fencing

Stand-alone fencing is the best kind of bamboo fencing you can install. It is considerably more time consuming and involved than installing over existing fencing, but the result is well worth it. Installing a stand-alone bamboo fence requires that you first put in place a vertical framework of heavy wooden poles upon which to attach the actual bamboo fencing. The bamboo itself should be one to two inches off the ground, as direct contact with the soil’s moisture will cause it to rot. You can cover the gap with wire fencing or wooden panels.

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