Your Landscape Borders Are a Detail With Great Visual Appeal

Landscape Borders

The shape of your flower beds might be a feature you would like to emphasise and creating landscape borders between, for example, your grass and your flower beds can both accentuate these shapes and assist in keeping both tidier. Landscape edging, such as this kind of border, can render a clean, polished and sophisticated look to your garden yet is a simple and cheap technique. There are many different ways you can create a border, depending upon the style you prefer; you might use wood, stone or plastic borders or almost any other material whether bought especially for the task or created yourself.

Gardeners and landscape designers will often use wood for its natural effect. Therefore, whether you use treated or untreated wood may depend upon your reasons for choosing it as a border material. Untreated wood will tend to rot and break down and need to be replaced but this is also a part of its natural look. For the most organic style you might use branches chopped to size, perhaps even bound together and pushed into the edge of your flower bed. Many people like to use chopped timber such as two by four or even old railroad ties or fence posts. In fact, these can help to emphasise the angular qualities of a flower bed’s shape; or else, cut into short lengths, you might even trace a curve with them.

Stone is another natural favourite among garden designers. In fact, often stones are collected over time especially for the purpose of decorating an edge. The variety of shapes and sizes adds an interesting quality to the line of the border. Otherwise, stones of all shapes and sizes may be bought from a garden centre. Bricks and stone slabs are variations on this idea, often bringing additional colour to the garden.

Finally, there is a large industry surrounding the design and creation of plastic shapes to be used as borders and edges for garden flower beds; whether as imitation fences or other structures this can be a highly ornamental and decorative solution, available in many colours and shapes there will be something for most tastes. As with everything else in your garden design it is good to consider the overall effect of your decision and how it fits in with the rest of the garden. Whether you decide to use a ready made border or something entirely unique to you, such as broken pottery, your landscape borders will enhance and decorate your flower beds and further individualise the look of your garden.